Daisy is a Professional Makeup Artist who believes that makeup is not to change but to enhance. Unlike your ordinary makeup artist, she does makeup like it is an art -- ensuring that every application is precise and effective. Like you wouldn’t just slap on eyeshadow for no reason, right? She’ll know what and where to apply to enhance your natural features. 


Her style is mostly soft and natural, strongly inspired by the Korean trend. 


She graduated from NAFA with the Diploma in Graphic Communication in 2017 and was awarded with the “Best Graduate Award". So other than being a Makeup Artist, she is also a designer, with strengths focusing around Photography. And of course, she also graduated from Cosmoprof Academy with the Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry in 2012. So... you can ensure that you are in good hands with a properly trained artist.

Check out the most up to date works on her Instagram at @daisysartistry.